Data Driven Solutions


  • User-friendly interfaces streamline data entry
  • Control and validate data input so it’s right the first time
  • Collect information from the right devices at the right time, both inside and outside the office


  • Communicate key information quickly to keep the business process flowing
  • Connect data from inside and outside your organization to get the whole picture
  • Move data from one part of your organization to another and eliminate redundant data entry


  • Unlock the insights from your data
  • Create predictive power from information
  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence on any device

Our Team

Jason Jarrett

Jason Jarrett

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Rick Racic

Rick Racic

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Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson

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Familiar Technologies

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Database architecture and design
  • Automation through triggers, stored
    procedures and scheduled jobs
  • Creation of data views for analysis
  • Data Warehouse strategies

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

  • Extract, Transform and Load data

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

  • Build cubes for fast data analysis
  • Create KPI’s to support Business Logic

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Web-Based reporting
  • Subscriptions and e-mail delivery

Application Development

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop applications

Microsoft Access

  • Support and modify existing databases
  • Creation of new databases
  • Upgrade older versions


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